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We hold auditions twice a year for dancers aged 13 - 19 wishing to join the company.


Upcoming Dates


Saturday 15th April 2023

Our auditions take place over two stages; all applicants are invited to attend the first stage and will be notified on the day as to whether they have made it to the recall. The recall stage then takes place later on in the day, usually in the afternoon

You can apply online here.

Please ensure you are available for the full day before applying. If you are unable to attend in April, but would like to be notified of future auditions, please email

What To Expect

At the first round dancers take part in a jazz class to assess endurance, alignment and technical awareness. There are then two choreography sections; contemporary and commercial where dancers are marked on comprehension, movement quality and performance.


At the recall dancers take part in a contemporary class, learn a jazz routine and complete a creative task. 

Additional Info

In order to audition we simply ask that you have one year's experience in any dance style. Above all else our team look for natural talent paired with warmth, maturity and a willingness to learn.


We are experienced identifying natural ability despite a lack of formal training, and so limited experience, technical or otherwise, should not deter you from auditioning.

If at any stage you are unsuccessful we are able to provide feedback. Finally, we ask that dancers audition for the company no more than once every 12 months.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

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