Our training sets us apart, and is unlike anything else you'll find in the youth dance world. 

We hand select exciting, influential young choreographers, from the best vocational schools and professional dance companies to bring a flavour of their training to One Youth Dance. 


We train our dancers as if they were on a full-time vocational course, and push them to their limits from day one. Our students achieve groundbreaking results through a rigorous training programme, combined with a kind, supportive, family environment. We believe this approach creates an optimal learning environment where boundaries can be pushed, and challenges embraced.

One Youth Dance is built on respect, compassion and discipline. We are a dance family and expect nothing but the highest standards. At your first rehearsal expect sweat, sweat and more sweat!

"The training that these young people receive is incredible, there’s no denying it, but it’s the safe, loving and supportive foundation of it all that makes it so special. They really are a family; the company is built on love"

- Hannah, Company Assistant (2015)

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